slow down

A fresh start to 2013

January is all about organising, fresh starts and focusing on whats important , I don’t like to call them new year resolutions to me they are just a list of simple goals and realistic inspiring thoughts……..x


1. Read more fiction I have always loved switching off with a good book.


2.Book a beach holiday abroad for the family we have been holidaying in Devon, Cornwall and Wales for the past couple of years we all need some sunshine in our lives


3. I had flu at the beginning of the year so lying in bed with Pinterest on my IPhone has inspired me want to create a calming, sanctuary to escape too after a long day.

slow down

Ive been reading about slow blogging, not sticking to a rigid schedule just posting when you feel the need or feel inspired to do so.

read more here The design sheppard and Design for mankind


After trying so many forms of exercise over the years and quickly losing interest i have finally found something I enjoy and I look forward to doing.

In 2013 I want to push and challenge my mind and body with Pilate’s


 and finally don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle x


1/ mary ellen bartley

2/Maison Gray

 3/ white bedroom

3/ via bubbelsoda tumblr

4/ society 6

5/ Vogue  Cover 1940 via pinterest

6/society 6




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